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One-on-One Consultations

What Kind of Work is it?
In one-on-one sessions CPT is highly individualized and varies with each client. Sessions are booked individually and clients are encouraged to follow up as and when they feel it to be desirable. Most clients book only work with a guide once a week for three months.

The main focus of my work is to bring increased awareness to whatever emotional stress is currently most influential. This creates an opportunity for transforming emotions which then change behaviors and aspects of your self-image and self-identity. Improved health is an automatic result as well. We will discuss Chinese 5 Element and the emotional correlations to your physical well-being in the health workshop and during your sessions.

Depending on your needs at the time, the work will incorporate one or more of these elements:

* CPT is a Powerful Emotional Release Technique - releasing blocked or stuck emotional energies & patterns
* Process Work - bringing awareness to unconscious patterns and channeling blocked energies in a healthier way
* Transition Work - providing guidance & support through difficult life transitions

While I recommend 12 weekly sessions for the best results, there is no obligation to follow up regularly or to book a set number of sessions. More importantly, making a commitment to your own growth process is a crucial step in the direction of deep and lasting personal transformation.

Who is it For?
My work is especially appropriate when you are undergoing (or needing to undergo) a life transition of some kind. Signals that a life transition may be imminent or necessary can include:

* A feeling of stuck or needing to break out/break free
* Mood swings, increased anxiety or other strong emotions
* Dissatisfaction and a feeling of being trapped or overwhelmed
* Destructive patterns of behavior, emotion or relationship
* Sudden accidents, injuries and other kinds of 'wake up' call
* Illnesses & symptoms that refuse to go away
* PTSD, Vivid dreams, nightmares, visions or intuitions

Most clients either have a health-care practitioner already and are looking to work on a deeper level, or they have reached the limits of what other forms of health care can do at the present time. My intention is to engage directly with your own inner growth process and self-healing capacity, which complements, but does not take the place of appropriate medical care where this is needed.
$120 per hour
12-hour package $1200.00

Contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to see which options are best for you.

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Online Guidance

CPT BASIC Instruction

In this next level class you will learn how to integrate some of the powerful components of CPT with Eastern Medicine to improve specific health problems and promote natural pain relief. Chinese medicine has been using their understanding of energy flow, meridians and pulse points for 1000’s of years to relieve pain. We discovered CPT can have a similar amazing affect, if targeted properly. We will teach you how to use meridian charts and pulse points to give you an instant access to the underlying stress factor related to your health issues. The results are surprisingly fast and will help you not only relieve pain, but also simultaneously speed up the body's natural healing process.
This Pain Relief Workshop is taught live or in video on Thirvecart.
To access this video presentation, follow the link to sign up for this next step. $19.99

Or you can schedule a live, one-on-one Pain Relief course via GoToMeeting. This interactive in-depth training session is approximately 90 minutes in length.
$180.00 Contact us via to schedule your personal class.
Group rates are available
2 students $110 each
3 or more $95 each



Emotional Mechanics and the Pain Connection will teach you the basics on how to fine tune your emotional system to activate specific mental improvements. Some shifts will relax your mind, others will inspire you with more clarity, improve your decision making process, motivate stronger action, and some will improve your organization skills.  Then we show you the pain connection. How your mind functions is directly connected to your pain responses.  You will learn how to target the exact stress needed to improve not only the five mental functions, but also relieve your physical pain in moments.

That is The Toggle Effect!

The Basic Instructional Video is a prerequisite. This workshop is also offered in Video format on ThriveCart.  Follow the link and sign up for this next step. $39.99

Or you can schedule a live one-on-one Emotional Mechanics course via GoToMeeting. As a live presentation, this in-depth training session is approximately 90 minutes in length.
$180.00 Contact us via to schedule your personal class.
Group rates are available
2 students $110 each
3 or more $95 each


In the first two classes, you gained the understanding of how to transform stress & how that transformation has an immediate effect on improving brain power. Here, we step it up a notch to help you more quickly attain your goals. Each goal you set requires both mental & physical strength. Stress in the form of doubt, anxiety, lack of confidence, is often the first thing we experience when we set out to accomplish our goals. CPT allows you to directly target and shift these emerging emotional stumbling blocks, and clear them from your path. Each goal you set will elevate your emotional and mental capacity, one step at a time. When you utilize CPT in your goal program, you will attain more, with less effort.

$180.00. This 90 minute workshop is taught one-on-one via GoToMeeting and we can accommodate your schedule.
Group rates are available
2 students $110 each
3 or more $95 each

Email to register. Once you have registered for this class you will receive the confirmation, scheduling instructions and class link via email.



Each emotional frequency shifts improve your health in specific ways. Using Eastern Medicine we will help you target exact emotional shifts to improve specific health issues. Subconscious stressors are often at the root of many illnesses. Improve your health, one shift at a time, using a precise application of CPT. Emotional Mechanics is a prerequisite.

To register for this course email us at

via GoToMeeting
Group rates are available
2 students $110 each
3 or more $95 each


Advanced Practitioners Course

Inquire via email about our Online Advanced Practitioners Program. If you are in the healing profession and want to add CPT to your tool box,  then this course is a must. You will build the confidence to share and help others GET THEIR TOGGLE ON! You will be trained in the many nuances of mental and physical health applications. The course meets for 90 minutes weekly for 12 weeks. You must have completed the first 4 courses before continuing onto this program. $1800.00 Email for more information.