My experience implementing the Toggle Effect has been pivotal in my lifelong quest to embody my true nature. Working with the Toggle Effect's simplicity and elegant system to effectively transfigure the blocks and stories of my emotions has transformed my life and health. After several years of living with burning hands due to chronic eczema, I am now free and able to get back to using my hands as usual! Words can't express what a relief this is. When nothing else worked to relieve this chronic condition, the power behind balancing out my fire element held the key. Laurie is an incredible teacher with lifelong wisdom to share, and I believe that her discovery of the Toggle Effect is an integral part of human development and evolution. Ask yourself what would life be like if you turn your emotions into a power source? Imagine tapping into limitless vitality and creativity; that's what I believe integrating the Toggle Effect in your daily routine holds for the body of humanity.

Niki Manavi - Founder and CEO of Higher-Self Development


“As an educator, CPT has be a valuable resource to help manage stress, enhance student performance, and aids in creating an ideal learning environment for children to fully engage in the educational process.

Years ago, when I was teaching kindergarten in a traditional public school, I was tasked with a very difficult class population, both academically and behaviorally. Many of the students were intensely far behind in skill bases such as basic reading and mathematics. To help manage the demands of the day, I would teach the children CPT starting with the emotions of what made them feel “mad”, “sad”, and “scared” based on Laurie’s guidance on how to best bring this method to a child’s imagination level.

One by one, we would pull each of these emotions, and the tied memories of these feelings, into the center of our awareness. We called it: “The little man in the pineal gland of the brain zapping all the yucky stuff”. By the end of the school year, 100% of my once struggling kindergarten class was “at or above benchmark goals” for reading. This was quite a feat given the fact that OVER half of the class tested for having a specific learning disability. I attribute their success, despite disabilities, to our work addressing stress with CPT a little bit each day to remove emotional blocks to success.

This process created a clear portal for organic learning to take place and lead to sustained retention of content. Overall toggling helps me, as an educator, process the demands of the job so my work comes from a place of emotional clarity. It is a technique I use everyday teaching children with special needs.

Students with autism find immense benefit from the process; it’s easier for them to “pull in” emotions rather than “talk” about them. Children who have suffered trauma can also benefit greatly from CPT because it is very private. It allows access to feelings without the over-analyzing process that traditional therapy offers when you “talk it out”. It requires no special “equipment” or special place – just your own mind and your own body.

Accessibility to shifting negative emotions is immediate which makes it the most useful method for stress management I’ve ever found. When crisis happens, it’s an opportunity to pull in that feeling or moment and clear out the blocks that keep us from attaining our best selves. We can teach children how they have personal power over their energy frequency and how to evolve to a place where things just flow easily.”

Sonia Rdissi Middle School Special Needs (ESE) Teacher December 2020


In 2017 I had a surgery to remove a section of my colon because a polyp had grown to the point where a colonoscopy removal was no longer an option. Hearing that news that surgery was needed brought up emotions of grief, despair and feelings of loss, which I later found out, corresponded with the 5 Element chart available in The Toggle Effect book I had read.

Thank goodness for the CPT Technique. As I practiced the technique I almost immediately started to feel emotionally and physically stronger with a renewed sense of “I will beat this”.

After the surgery, I was prescribed 27 Radiation and 5 Platinum Chemo treatments to address any chance that the cancer had spread. During these treatments I continued using the CPT Technique and did not experience any of the side effects of the Radiation or Chemo.

My doctors where baffled with this and wanted to enter me into a study for testing DNA to see why I was having a completely different response to the Radiation and Chemo treatments than what western medicine was accustomed to seeing. At one point in the conversation I jokingly said to them “I am human, I promise you that”.

I am human armed with, in my opinion, the most powerful mental focus method for taking care of yourself. Everyone has this power within themselves and The Toggle Effect paves the way to release and utilize this power for positive outcomes.

Allan Stevens – Business Owner

To Police Officials and Executives who have an interest in and are considering using “The Cognitive Polarity Therapy System” to resolve stress and anxieties in their officers and ultimately improve the officers’ attitudes and performance. Its common knowledge that policing is a stressful occupation and this specific system has been designed and developed to directly address these occupational plights; particularly in these troublesome times. I have examined data and reports from field applications and found this system to be a viable system in accomplishing its formal and stated goals. Consequently, I would encourage you to give it a serious review.


Consultant — Criminal Justice, Security, Law and Business
Masters’ Degree:Police Science and Administration.Washington State University (1970)
Bachelors’ Degree:Townson State University, Towson, Maryland
Municipal Police Officer, Detective (Homicide) and Ident Kit Specialist – New Mexico
Public Safety Officer, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Administrator/Coordinator and Associate Tenured Professor of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, William Rainey Harper College, Palatine, Illinois
Past Member
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police
  • International Criminal Justice Association (Board Member for six years)
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (Chair of Two-Year/Four-Year Articulation Committee)
  • American Society for Public Administrators
  • Alpha Phi Sigma National Police Science Honor Society

Paul H. Moore, M.A. (Retired)

We live with stress every day.  It divides itself into two categories, physical and psychological, both of which can be viewed as negative energy.  What if there was a way to switch this harmful, life-sapping negative energy into a positive, life-affirming force?  In her new book, TOGGLE IT, covering the discovery and development of Cognitive Polar Transformation and the subsequent therapy, Laurie Heusinger has not only addressed this worldwide concern, but discovered a simple, yet highly effective way of using our own, personal energy to create a higher quality of life that enriches and enhances emotional and physical well-being. Besides lowering stress, the technique of “toggling,” can significantly reduce emotional issues and alleviate chronic physical pain.  Having read her book several times, I believe that Ms. Heusinger has tapped into something very special and beneficial.  Through this method of CPT, every person can raise the bar on their own quality of life.  I enthusiastically recommend this book to everyone.                                                                                                       

Peter Fisk, Ph.D., California Psychologist, New Mexico Marriage and Family Therapist

I have been using CPT for a little more than three years now and it has helped me through many aspects in my life. This technique has allowed me to help myself, not only emotionally, but physically as well. I have been able to let go of things that I would normally hold on to that were bad for my life. I am able to sleep better, and what used to be chronic back pain has been greatly reduced. With the new goal setting approach that we have taken with CPT I have received many things that I want in life. Society has indeed taught us that we cannot have whatever we want, but that is proven not to be true. Transforming my emotions back to their positive state has changed my life and I will continue doing it to always better myself and my ability to help others.

Krystle Baker – Office Administrator

“When I first met Laurie, I was in terrible physical pain from a herniated disc that no amount of steroid or opiod would ease. We talked on the phone very briefly, with her explaining the CPT process & then guiding me into it. Within minutes, the pain nearly completely dissipated. Despite being a yoga teacher & having a clear awareness of the power of the mind, I was astonished. The immediacy of this work’s results is profound, & the connection between the mind & the physical & emotional body is made so clear. Laurie’s nurturing, steady vibration is also very clear, guiding you gently but swiftly towards your own inner healer. While my injury is now healed, I will continue the work with Laurie as I have discovered that doing this work releases not just the pain, but a lot of the heartache I’ve subconsciously stored in my body & mind. Laurie has a tremendous gift, both in her creation of this powerful healing process & her facilitation of it.” C Desmarais
My first CPT session was when I was in Acupuncture School. I was having trouble with material retention, had a lack of focus and test anxiety. The session with Laurie resulted in a drastic change in my ability to retain material, focus in class and take tests. My GPA rebounded and my scores stayed between 98-100 the rest of my school career. As a practitioner and Therapist of CPT, I have worked with students who faced similar issues to my own, although they were middle and high schoolers. The younger students grasped the concept much more readily and were able to achieve immediate results in their ability to retain material and focus in class. Generalized anxiety improved significantly and as students were taught how to use this method on their own, they felt more in control of their lives and emotions. I highly recommend this for students with ADHD, ADD, memory or focus problems. In addition this works well for students who are in need of improved social skills and increased confidence around peers.
I successfully use Cognitive Polarity Therapy, for children with PTSD, ADHD, ADD and generalized anxiety about life. The youngest clients were 6 and the eldest is age 83.

Dr Babette Saenz, MPA, DOM

My entire family has been in Laurie’s CPT sessions for over 2 months now and I am absolutely amazed at what a genuine healer she is and how much CPT works. I was an RN for 22 years so come with a lot of medical background and I have to say it all makes such sense and it really works. I went in for my 26 y/o son to help with his ADHD. I am much calmer, any pains I have go away when I use the CPT Technique and my son’s focus has steadily improved. He is learning to be back in touch with his emotions and express himself in a more productive communication manner than prior to Laurie’s teachings.  She has such a calm, healing spirit about her-I wish I could take her home with us.

Katie and Lane – United States Air Force RN (Major)

From my work with veterans, I understand the importance of body centered practices in healing the trauma that stays locked in our minds and bodies. With the proper guidance, CPT seems particularly well suited to contribute to the healing of PTSD-related symptomatology. Additionally, as wrestling with emotions is so fundamental to the human condition, CPT offers the potential to help all of us live more vitally and with greater peace.

Christian O Neil MD Host/producer of Paths to Wellness

… After reading this book you will no longer be helpless and hopeless in the face of emotional and physical pain. Start using Cognitive Polar Transformation today and see what life beyond pain has to offer you.


All I can say is that I wish I’d done it when I first learned about it.  There’s more transformations to come and I’m looking forward to it – pain free now, in all kinds of ways.  Thank you!

Jim, Sales Manager

Finally, a self-help program that shows you how to stop the negative thinking!

M.J. Keefe, Attorney

… I find CPT is simple and profound… thanks for the class and I look forward to where this goes and getting more under my belt… Blessings,

Dr. Kristina Rogers, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Prescott, AZ

Over the past eight plus years, incorporation of the “CPT Technique” into my daily routine, and enjoyment of the inspiration and insights that this allows, has become a way of life. I continue to find new applications all of the time and am consistently amazed and inspired by the transformations that I experience. Thank you Laurie for your efforts in continually searching for and discovering new ways to make this incredible technique even better!

C.V., RN, FL

Laurie’s research and knowledge into this subject is phenomenal. As a healer (DOM), I realized early on many of my patients would reach a plateau either with me or other healing modalities. This will give me that missing link to release patient’s emotional barriers to a healthier happy life.

Linda Sullivan, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Albuquerque, NM

Although I was apprehensive at first, CPT has improved my sleep, lessened my pain, and I’ve seen improvements in my glucose levels.  On top of all that after 30 years I quit smoking which I couldn’t have done without using this technique.
Gerald, Copier Technician

Included are Laurie's children's and grandchildren's reviews below.
The Toggle Effect has helped the whole family.

Using The Toggle technique has helped me through many of my life changes.  It helped me with the stress of dealing with my mom and life in general.  Using the toggle effect is a really good way to manage your anger and mentally heal.

Edward B. 11 years old

Toggling is what I call CPT. It has helped me with my struggles from when I moved away from family and friends. It also has helped me with sickness and sleepless nights.

Trinity B. 9 years old

CPT  goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced and has changed my life.  I “toggle” every day and love that I can actively tend to my demanding emotional system with something  as simple and yet complex as taking a breath of air. I use CPT to overcome barriers while working with special needs children, through motherhood, relationships with family, friends, coworkers, love and as I navigate my daughters Type 1 Diabetes. Laurie has helped me teach the technique to my children whom toggle often.   What a gift it is to grow up with the ability to intentionally restore your emotional system!
Before using CPT I was unable to keep my thoughts together. I struggled with depression since childhood.  I could not even identify Joy when faced with it.  I now greet my stirring emotions with open arms, I have confidence that when faced with rage I don’t have to react but instead pull it in and find it is replaced with knowing how to move forward with a clear direction.  I welcome sorrowful nights when I can sit quietly and pull in every delicious bit of it until I fall asleep, waking renewed and able to organize my thoughts.  Now I sit and bathe in the beautiful warm JOY of purely being in my skin. Laurie's comprehensive guidance in using CPT has helped me discover a power within myself that has resulted in successful internal healing.   Thank you, I am renewed and can not wait to see what the future has in store!  The world needs CPT more than they realize.

Tigra B.

Toggling makes me feel good!!!

Elva P. 5 years old

My Grandma first taught me to Toggle my feelings when I was just a toddler.  She would help me through my frustrations of my parents splitting up.   Now that I am older, I Toggle stress to get through tough times, I Toggle during Baseball games to help me focus, and I have also during tests in school to help retain material and do better on tests.  Toggling has been extremely helpful with my reading and overcoming Dyslexia.  I cannot thank my Grandma Laurie enough for teaching me such a powerful tool.

Lucas K. 15 years old

I met Laurie and learned about CPT about seven years ago. This was also about the same time when I first became a little league coach. Having played numerous sports my entire life and knowing the stress related to performance I immediately saw the benefits of CPT where it related to children and their successes. My team and I began to use toggle methods before every game and in practices for deeper sessions. We saw a much different form of a team come out from the process. Children that were nervous at the plate and showed to be afraid of the ball were suddenly full of confidence and willing to accept the challenges in front of them. We saw joy and determination come out of fear and despair. We also became more of a team, we shared our fears and feelings and in quite a few ways the kids saw that they were not alone with their perspective and that other players faced the same struggles. My son actively toggles stress now when he is up to bat and at pitcher before a big pitch. I see him stop and close his eyes to focus, he always takes a visibly deep breath, and when he is done he opens his eyes and always gives me a nod meeting me eye to eye. When my boy goes through that progression I know that something big is about to happen, he has conquered his fear and pulled it in and now all he is left with is the pure joy of success. Oh boy, look at that ball fly.

Josh P.

My mother taught me to CPT when I was young.  When you are young, learning something like CPT, it doesn’t really make sense, but it makes you feel better and really that is all that mattered.  As I grew up, I started to learn more and more about The Toggle Effect and all of the ways it can work.  I use it on pain, heartache, school, friends, enemies…..and at the end of it, things were always better.  I went on to introduce my children to this technique and continue to see amazing changes.  In my opinion, CPT is essential to being able to live your best life!!!

Heather P.

I have been using the “Toggle Effect” mental focus technique for decades. I always take several moments to apply this technique to challenging situations as they occur; in both my personal and professional life. This simple yet incredibly effective tool consistently allows me to transcend the common barriers that can be present when we are unable to otherwise escape the sometimes confusing effects of our emotional system during incredibly stressful situations.

I can honestly say that this technique has completely changed my life and the way that I navigate all types of stressors whether these occurrences have taken place while working as an RN and handling extreme situations in a hospital setting,  while working a GM at our busy distillery, or while engaging in matters of the heart; utilizing this technique throughout my day allows me to proceed with the greatest possible ease, understanding, clarity and focus.

Laurie has studied the vast modalities of the healing arts, and, as the creator of this wonderful work, has an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the emotional system. She is also truly and genuinely passionate about helping others. Through her wealth of knowledge and experience, she has developed a system for helping her clients to pinpoint the exact steps that they need to take in order to receive the very best results. Once this technique has been learned, it can be applied without assistance.

I highly recommend the learning of this technique to anyone who is looking to enhance their experience of this life in every way.

Crystal Menta