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Dr. Kan interviews Laurie Heusinger on The Toggle Effect.  Listen to the interview here.

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A New Perspective on the Mind/Body Connection, Spirituality and our Continued Evolution.

The Toggle Effect, aka Cognitive Polarity Therapy (CPT), is a new approach to managing your stress and your life. CPT is literally converting the stress of fear, anger and depression into a high functioning energy source. Learning how to harness this energy and direct it where you want it, is the next level in our evolution.

Read the book or join one of our 60 minute workshops which will guide you through the Basic CPT Technique. Almost instantly, you will be feeling better and thinking more clearly.

With practice, you will use the CPT technique anytime and anywhere to restore mental clarity, even in the highest stress situations.

Once you begin to feel the power of CPT to clear your mind and improve your mood, you can advance it's amazing application to health improvement and pain management.

See what CPT and The Toggle Effect can do for you.

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“The Toggle Effect, Unleash the Power of Your Inner Self by Bringing Emotions into Balance”

You're going to LOVE the power you discover inside yourself. This book gives you the history, the steps of discovery, instruction and workbook for your journey from stress to clarity.

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A Review
I have read many books and participated in many programs attempting to reach a satisfactory level of self-understanding and self-healing. Yes, temporary results were achieved but the long term outcomes have been elusive.

I am a student of the Toggle Effect. During my association with Laurie's teachings, I have learned how to overcome the past, embrace the present and get excited about the future.

Her book, “The Toggle Effect: Unleash the Power of Your Inner Self by Bringing Emotions into Balance” is a remarkable resource for overcoming emotional issues that plague many of us.

It’s hard to put this book down as you discover Laurie’s personal journey from childhood to the discovery and development of the Toggle Effect.

If you do nothing else for yourself this year – read this book.

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Laurie heusinger the toggle effect founder

Author - Speaker - Instructor

Laurie Heusinger is the founder and developer of Cognitive Polar Transformation, aka The Toggle Effect.

As a Natural Therapeutic Specialist, she has spent 35 years studying health, wellness and the stress connection. Being drawn to the study of Physics, her view of the emotional experience is from the perspective of energy, frequencies and vibrations. Then she discovered the minds ability to directly change the emotional frequencies, resulting in near immediate results.

This breakthrough became known as Cognitive Polar Transformation (CPT).
Each stressful emotion that you target will have a specific mental and physical health benefit.

CPT has been approved for continuing education units for the National Acupuncture Association (NCCAOM) and the New Mexico EMT Association.

Presently, Laurie operates a private consulting practice in Key West Florida. She teaches online continuing education courses and conducts on-going research into the many benefits that result from CPT. To date, she has written 4 books on this discovery, each on expanding on the evolution and new applications of CPT.

She has been a guest speaker at Brooks Community College, UNM, Southwest Acupuncture College, on KOAT TV, the nationally syndicated Danielle Lin Show and Evolution Through Ascension podcasts.

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Article:  The Toggle Effect

By Laurie Heusinger NTS  02/14/2017

Understanding emotional frequencies and living our lives more fully is perfectly stated with one of my favorite quotes;

“Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is Physics. “ Unknown

Cognitive Polar Transformation aka The Toggle Effect is the understanding of how to use your mind to convert the low frequency negative emotions into high frequency positive emotions. High frequency emotions are the fuel to achieving higher goals. Talk to any physicist and you will learn that life is energy, vibrations and frequencies.

Emotions are now seen as a form of energy, and when we look at emotions this way we can categorize them into high and low frequencies. Positive emotions are considered higher frequencies and negative emotions are considered lower frequencies. Then we looked for the tipping point, the conversion if you will, from low to high and vise versa. From there Cognitive Polar Transformation was born.  Read More...

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… I find CPT is simple and profound… thanks for the class and I look forward to where this goes and getting more under my belt… Blessings,

Dr. Kristina Rogers, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Prescott, AZ

… After reading this book you will no longer be helpless and hopeless in the face of emotional and physical pain. Start using Cognitive Polar Transformation today and see what life beyond pain has to offer you.

"Finally, a self-help program that shows you how to stop the negative thinking!"

M.J. Keefe, Attorney