Everything is Energy.
It is time to learn how to use your mind to transform energy.

With this tool, you will transform stress into opportunity,
and pain into healing
every time.

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The toggle effect book

The Toggle Effect

Laurie Heusinger NTS
shares  her
and how it lead to the
discovery of
Cognitive Polar Transformation
The Toggle Effect.

Then she clearly walks you
through the 4 steps that
Convert your mental and physical stress into a whole new healing potential.

Get started
on the dynamic journey
inward that
sets you free,
one shift at a time.
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Sharing The Toggle Effect Pain Applications with Dr. Karen Kan

Dr. Kan shares her enthusiasm for this new approach in addressing not only emotional, but also physical pain.

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 Learn the 3 Steps to the Basic Technique
"Transform Your Emotional Baggage"
The Toggle Effect

Join us now for The Toggle Effect technique. This short video will give you a clear understanding of the how the emotions can be quickly transformed. Then the Demonstration Video Below will guide you through the steps to
Shed Your Emotional Baggage.

 It is time to

Demonstration Video

Close your eyes and follow along as we talk you through The Toggle Effect for yourself.

Emotional Mechanics and The Pain Application
Pre-recorded workshop video.

Join Laurie Heusinger and Dr. Karen Kan for the lively class on
Emotional Mechanics and the Pain Application.

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