Practitioner Course

Practitioner Course Level 1 Includes 6 Workshops

Level one Practitioner Course includes first 6 online workshops including; The Basic CPT technique, Emotional Mechanics, Goal Application, Conflict Resolution, Health and Pain applications. In addition to these courses you will follow up with 12 private sessions where you are taught direct the application of CPT to your individual issues. You will also attend weekly group support sessions to further your learning and skill in the CPT application.

You save $285. with the Practitioner Level 1 package which includes 6 instructional workshops, the 12 private consultations and weekly support groups at $1575.00.
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Recommended reading, The Toggle Effect, Unleash the Power of Your Inner Self by Bringing Emotions into Balance.


Practitioner Course Level 2

This 30 hour Advanced Practitioners course is taught live Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm. ( presently on hold for COVID) Workbooks, audio instruction CPT application chart are provided. A virtual course is being developed.
Enhance your practice with CPT. You will learn how to integrate CPT into private consultations, while supporting clients through the shifting process. You will learn how to recognize when the shifts have taken place, and recognize the blocks that come up during sessions and you will be skilled in creative pathways to move your clients beyond those blocks. The emotional UN-layering process happens in steps. Once you have completed this course, you can continue attending the advanced practitioner support group. A final assessment is conducted before Certification. Program cost $1200.00 (travel expenses not included).

Prerequisite for this course is: Practitioner Course Level 1.

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Instructors Course

Training CPT practitioners is very rewarding. As you advance in your practitioner abilities, we will need more instructors. The 20 hour live Instructors course trains and licenses you to use our PowerPoint tools and the Workbooks, Posters, flashcards. You will have all the tools needed to train other practitioners. Your students will go through our final interview assessment before they are issued certification. Instructors Course $1500.00

(Scholarships and payment options available for Practitioner and Instructor Courses)

Master’s Course

Delve into the spiritual realm and our interconnection to everything. In the Masters Class, CPT is integrated into our spiritual awareness. Long distance healing is covered.

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