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Unleash the Power of Chi by Bringing Emotions into Balance. Learn How Pulse Points Activate Emotional Triggers. Feel the Change Instantly at Your Finger Tips.

This 8 hour course is taught live via GotoMeeting Monday through Thursday from 430pm to 630 pm EST

Day 1, Cognitive Polar Transformation, Basic Technique
Day 2, Integrate 5 Element Process
Day 3, Pulse Balancing
Day 4, Treatment Integration

Classes are scheduled for:
March 15th through 18th,
April 5th through 8th,
May 3rd through 6th.

Emotional Polarity and The 5 Elements

This 8 hour online course gives you the tools you need to guide your clients through the simple process of bringing excessive emotions back into balance. This approach to healing can be offered to your patients over the phone or in person, during office visits. The results can be felt right at your finger tips in the pulses. Sign up today, seating is limited.
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Laurie’s research and knowledge into this subject is phenomenal. As a healer (DOM), I realized early on many of my patients would reach a plateau either with me or other healing modalities. This will give me that missing link to release patient’s emotional barriers to a healthier happy life.

Linda Sullivan, Doctor of Oriental Medicine Albuquerque, NM

My first CPT session was when I was in Acupuncture School. I was having trouble with material retention, had a lack of focus and test anxiety. The session with Laurie resulted in a drastic change in my ability to retain material, focus in class and take tests. My GPA rebounded and my scores stayed between 98-100 the rest of my school career. As a practitioner and Therapist of CPT, I have worked with students who faced similar issues to my own, although they were middle and high schoolers. The younger students grasped the concept much more readily and were able to achieve immediate results in their ability to retain material and focus in class. Generalized anxiety improved significantly and as students were taught how to use this method on their own, they felt more in control of their lives and emotions. I highly recommend this for students with ADHD, ADD, memory or focus problems. In addition this works well for students who are in need of improved social skills and increased confidence around peers.
I successfully use Cognitive Polarity Therapy, for children with PTSD, ADHD, ADD and generalized anxiety about life. The youngest clients were 6 and the eldest is age 83.

Dr Babette Saenz, MPA, DOM