The Toggle Effect
By Laurie Heusinger NTS  02/14/2017

The idea of understanding frequencies and living our lives more fully is perfectly stated with one of my favorite Einstein quotes; “Everything is Energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is Physics. “

Toggling is the understanding of how to use your mind to convert the low frequency negative emotions into high frequency positive emotions. High frequency emotions are the fuel to achieving higher goals. Talk to any physicist and you will learn that, at the highest levels of science, life is viewed from the stand point of energy and frequencies.

Emotions can also be seen as a form of energy, and when we look at emotions this way we categorize them into high and low frequencies. Positive emotions are considered higher frequencies and negative emotions are considered lower frequencies. Then we looked for the tipping point, the conversion if you will, from low to high and vise versa. From there Toggling was born.

Toggling is accessing the tipping point at will. This is a new level of understanding how the emotional system works energetically and then using the perspective to address stress management and goal achievement. It is profoundly straight forward. We now can view the varying levels of stress and varying levels of achievement as products of emotional frequencies. We then apply the knowledge to setting goals, improving well being and maintaining a higher level of function both mentally and physically. The ability to master frequency conversion in daily situations facilitates your ability to tap new potential in yourself. It enables you to effectively turn difficult everyday situations around, keeping you on top of your game mentally and physically.

We catch glimpses of the effects of frequency shifts in every self- improvement program developed thus far. There is always a sought after moment when the stressful tensions melt away and a higher perspective takes hold in the mind, allowing one to be more objective, solution motivated, and relaxed. At the same moment, research documents that physiological changes also take place in the endocrine system equating to better immune health. Martin Seligman, PhD, one of the preeminent experts in the field of positive psychology says "Good feelings, scientists now know, have healing effects on the body, and researchers studying everything from the flu to HIV continue to find eye-opening evidence that a person's mind-set can influence ones immunity and the rate at which one heals from injuries and illness.

Jane Collingwood, author of 'Get Fit Stress Management', recently wrote, “Researchers have found a wealth of evidence that positive emotions can enhance the immune system, while negative emotions can suppress it."

Many stress management approaches seek to produce, reproduce and better understand this effect. The main difference between our program and others is our ability to view emotions as energy, which is exhibiting either high or low frequencies. Then we can better understand how to use the mind to convert the frequencies from low to high. We call this approach Toggling because “The Toggle” always represents a point of frequency change.

Toggling has been used successfully to improve pain, health complaints, as well as using it in life coaching programs. From there it developed into a clear picture of how to set, attain and maintain goals using the emotional system as a meter. The results have been delightful, and highly reproducible! In our program, once we set a goal, we compare the frequency of the goal to our existing emotional state. Negativity will always arise from the emotional system at the onset of setting a goal. Knowing how to target and convert the exact emotional negativity that arises is the key to changing your overall emotional frequency so that it matches the frequency of your goal. As changes in the emotional system take place so does our level of accomplishment and satisfaction. Obstacles and emotional upsets are seen from a whole new perspective of hidden potential. Each upset is the focus of conversion, giving way to a whole new experiential understanding of emotional frequency in its highs and its lows. You will see positive changes in your motivation, your planning, your communication, your actions and your discernments. You will more easily let go of old pains and move your life forward.

This program is taught in a two day 7-hour course which covers the understanding of emotional frequency highs and lows. The switching point we call a Toggle, and the direct effect this process has on overall function. We then provide a chart and a reference book and audio instructions to guide you in the application of the Toggle for setting, attaining and maintaining goals. At the end of this course you will have all the tools needed to understand your current emotional frequency and how to monitor, change and adapt to different frequencies at will as your achievement levels improve. You will feel the changes in your body, your mind and your spirit as life becomes more manageable and bright. Your relationship difficulties will be viewed with new perspectives that yield clearer communication and resolution instead of conflict.

What’s not to Love?

Oh yeah, classes are taught online and in Paradise. Key West, Florida.

By Laurie Heusinger NTS  02/14/2017